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Investment criteria

Financing of successful, profitable companies with growth potential
Target turnover >20 million euros
EBITDA > 3 million euros
Equity-Ticket: 15 million to 50 million euros
Majority and minority shareholdings
Partner for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial management teams
Succession (MBO / MBI), growth, buy-and-build, partial sale, spin-off, special situations (via HF Opportunities)
Focus: Software / IT-Services, Medtech, Advanced Industrials, Business Services, ESG
qualitative criteria:
growing markets and positive market drivers
differentiated market position
stable and long-term customer relationships
structurally attractive margins
no early-stage or project financing


In the market since 1979
More than 250 completed transactions
Free liquidity: 200 million euros
Evergreen fund volume: 700 million euros
35 portfolio companies
20 Investment Professionals
Investors: German insurance companies, banks, pension funds, family offices and the Hannover Finanz team

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