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Hannover Finanz itself is a family business and has been a leading partner for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial management teams for over four decades. Through the combination of its evergreen structure and its focus on content, Hannover Finanz creates a differentiated offering and gives investors the opportunity to

invest in the backbone of the German economy with the attractive small cap segment
invest in the attractive private equity asset class
invest in attractive holdings in the areas of IT-services, software, advanced industrials, medical technology and business services, which we always select with a view to ESG aspects, thanks to the sector focus of Hannover Finanz
generate continuous income from a highly diversified portfolio via stable distributions - in addition to sustained double-digit IRRs after costs
directly reinvest book values realised in the evergreen funds and thus maintain a consistently high investment ratio
permanent investment reduces regular manager selection and investment decisions
to co-operate with one of the most established investment companies in the German-speaking region

Established private equity manager Hannover Finanz GmbH

Owner-managed asset manager in the second generation, founded in 1979
Established investment strategy: for 40 years, entrepreneurs and family-run SMEs have been the focus of our activities
Established brand with a strong reputation - confidential, reliable, experienced and entrepreneurial
Access to proprietary deal flow, outside of structured auctions
Large, experienced team that has been working together successfully for many years and has only a low ‘key man risk’

Stable and above-average returns

Double-digit returns on average for 45 years
Funds concepts with continuous, annual distributions
Conservative financing structures with a focus on current investment income and a mitigated J-curve effect
Attractive risk/return profile with broad diversification

Sustainability with evergreen funds

Long-term and sustainable investment strategies
Comprehensive service portfolio with a transparent and attractive fee structure
Building a stable and sustainable private equity portfolio
Investing in consideration of established ESG criteria

Attractive market opportunity for German SMEs

Focus on companies with enterprise values between 20 and 100 million euros
The small cap segment is characterised by an attractive deal flow, moderate competition and excellent exit prospects. Potential target companies are often market leaders in niche markets in the areas of IT services, software, advanced industrials, medical technology and business services and have special core competences that ensure stability and growth
High value enhancement potential through the transformation of smaller owner-managed SMEs into scalable, management-led companies

Disciplined approach to value creation

Focus on sustainable growth
Value enhancement leads to success for all stakeholders
The joint focus of Hannover Finanz and our management teams is on aligning key competences along the growth strategy. This includes the creation of a transparent basis for discussion (Financial Excellence) and support to orchestrate the implementation of this strategy with the right talent and processes (Human Resources)
Situational use of our own resources or experts from our network, including through an active advisory board. We find advisors in our network of industry specialists and experienced entrepreneurs, which has grown over four decades and who passionately fulfil the role of sparring partners for management
Hannover Finanz has a successful track record in the transformation of smaller owner-managed SMEs into scalable, management-led companies

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